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With increasing media attention being focussed on the decline of bee populations in the UK, we are being asked more and more frequently to recommend plants that will attract bees and butterflies to the garden. So the list below shows some of the best varieties that appeal to these beautiful and popular insects.

This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list, and individual gardeners will all have different experiences with bees and butterflies in their own gardens. They are, after all, wild creatures, and may well not have read the rule-book! Hopefully this list will give you a starting point, and then you can also experiment with other varieties, and start to add your own favourites to this list.

bee on echinacea butterfly on verbena bee on caryopteris butterfly on knautia

Any plant which is marked with the letters AGM has been awarded an RHS Award of Garden Merit. This indicates that the plant is recommended by the RHS as being of "outstanding excellence for ordinary garden decoration or use."

Please note that all descriptions and photographs given on the website should be used as a guide only. All plants will vary slightly in habit, colour and flowering time depending on the weather and growing conditions.

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